Bug Tracker – UE4 Plugin

Bug Tracker is a development management plugin for the Unreal Engine 4 which initializes the Trello API, It offers developers easy access to bug reports and team management plus much more.




Bug Tracker is a plugin that integrates with the Unreal Engine 4 which is built and based on the Trello API, it takes advantage of an large amount of the REST API offering developers the ability to manage and track bugs in-editor that have been reported in-game by players with high detail and screenshots, because of its flexibility and dynamic UI it can be easily turned into a in-editor road map management system also.

Bug Tracker Features:

  • Automated setup be up and running in less than 5 minutes..
  • Direct integration with the editors toolbar for easy access.
  • Browsing reports with a selection of filters.
  • Bug markers – Spawn markers showing bug locations displayed as actors on your levels.
  • “Jump to” button. One click to jump to location associated with the report.
  • Editing report details.
  • Assigning team members to reports.
  • Add checklists to report for team members to follow up on.
  • In-Game bug reporting for players.
  • Automated capturing of screenshots when submitting reports
  • Automated capturing level and camera position.
  • Automatic filling fields in.
  • Dynamically built UI fields.
  • Customizable UI using UMG and Blutility.
  • Viewing and editing report details in-Editor/Game or via the Trello website.

Trello API Features:

  • User Tokens
  • Boards
  • Cards
  • Comment Cards
  • Lists
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Attachments (JPG)
  • Checklists
  • Checkitems
  • Members
  • Members Notifications
  • Custom Fields (Limited)

Code Modules:

  • BugTrackerDeveloper (Developer)
  • BugTrackerEditor (Editor)

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